I’m Nervous About Group Coaching

by | Mar 27, 2023 | client challenges

One of the immediate benefits of group coaching is knowing that you are not alone.

I offer group coaching throughout the year on specific topics. These are facilitated discussions with reflection activities that take place over a few months. The benefits of group coaching are distinct and come with advantages that you are not able to receive in our 1×1 sessions.

The first big benefit of being in a group session is knowing that you are not alone. You connect with others dealing with similar challenges, who, like you want to create shifts and spark change in their lives.

Through these connections you realize that you are not alone in your doubts, your confusion, your creative blocks or leadership challenges. And you also experience that you are not alone in your passion, your curiosity, and your love of the particular topic that the group session is centered on.

I set the tone that creates a container for witnessing, learning, and listening to oneself and to others.

We design a set of agreements to support how we will be together.

We practice observant thinking, witnessing and noticing – rather than judging. We say, “Here’s what I noticed. Here’s what that has got me thinking about….” or, “How did you do that? Oh, wow, I appreciate the way you handled that. . . now I have another way of approaching this.”

Through building community, we learn from each other, we support each other. We watch, we hear, we are witnessed and heard.

What if I’m shy or nervous about being open in front of people I don’t know?

In group coaching and trainings, there are opportunities to step up and step back. If you’re shy, you can step back – and you can also rehearse stepping up. If you tend to be the one always first to speak, you can practice relaxing into just being still. You can try being and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do in the presence of others.

The group provides a container for experimentation, for connection, for mirroring and amplification.

This is not to say that group sessions will always be comfortable. It can be scary to be in front of people. To not know what they’re thinking when you speak, when you share. That is why we make our group agreements up front – and I hold the container with the group to support one another in witnessing and deep listening.

Group sessions provide a powerful facilitated community for growth through the process of supporting and being supported, witnessing and being witnessed, stepping up and stepping back. And it is deeply inspiring to see and be seen as you gain strength and grow in community.


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