Writer, draw-er, dance lover & passionate communicator on behalf of causes that heal mind, body & soul.

Sande Smith


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As your coach, I partner with you to reconnect with your inner power, radiance and joy.

I fell in love with coaching because it gives me a way to do what I already enjoy so much: support people to maximize their gifts and strengths to further their own fulfillment and contribute to bettering our world.

I hired my first coach in 2003 and wow, what a difference it made for me in terms of learning and growing in my work. My coach helped me strengthen my value as an employee, earn multiple promotions and triple my income.


In addition to being a certified coach, I am a life-long learner and creator who delights in combining words and images to tell stories and convey messages that illuminate mind, heart and actions.

About 30 years ago, I discovered that I could parlay my love of the word into a communications career supporting mission-driven organizations. Since then, I’ve held leadership positions at the Global Fund for Women and the Women’s Foundation of California, and currently lead communications at The California Wellness Foundation.

On my website, you’ll see images that I’ve created on my 4-year journey of learning to draw.

Amazingly enough, I am now an avid draw-er and visual thinker who brings drawing into everything that I do.

As the daughter of proud Black working class parents, I am striving to better understand, articulate and upend the many ways that structural racism and sexism reinforce injustice and impact our lives on a daily basis. In my work, art and coaching, I am committed to making visible the systemic oppression that women and people of color too often experience.

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I have worked with many coaches. Sande is among the very best! Warm, steady, exceptionally insightful. She helped me crystalize my goals and navigate a challenging job transition.

– Lisa Tracy, Philanthropy Advisor



Sande is positive, attentive and never judgmental. I always looked forward to my sessions. I learned so much from her unflappable and unassuming wisdom.


– Pamela Rich, Organization Development Consultant, UC Berkeley

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