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In addition to being a certified coach, I am a writer and an artist who delights in combining words and images to tell stories. I hope you enjoy browsing the latest posts! Sign up for my email list if you’d like to receive a monthly recap direct to your inbox.

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Five Things I Learned About Love

Five Things I Learned About Love

While rushing around the kitchen, hurriedly putting away dishes, I smashed my finger in the drawer. Ouch!!  Oh no, I don’t have time for...

The Joy of a Praise-Free Zone

The Joy of a Praise-Free Zone

Learn how to listen to yourself and trust your judgment. Praise is not all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s talk about the unexpected downsides.

Stepping Out of Perfectionism

Stepping Out of Perfectionism

The power of visual journaling to connect you to your inner wisdom. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from combining images and words.

What is limiting you?

Are you looking for clarity of vision and alignment with your inner values? Are you seeking greater vibrancy, energy, resilience & joy?

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Client Challenges

Coaching is a powerful tool for getting from where you are, to where you want to be. Through our sessions together, I help you see and transcend the particular circumstances and beliefs that may be limiting you. Here are some common challenges you might be facing and a few strategies you can try right now on your own:

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Sande is an incredible coach. She helped me think through rebranding for my consulting business. Each coaching session gave me space to revisit my core values and then connect them to business marketing and messaging. She is creative, personable and effective.”


– Veronica Anderson, Business Owner

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