Journaling Your Values, Vision & Voice

A workbook of 30 exercises to reconnect with your inner power, radiance and joy.


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Align your life with your values, get clear about your vision and feel confident in your voice.

Time For You

Journaling Your Values, Vision & Voice is a space for discovery, an invitation to take time for yourself and explore what matters most to you.

Available as a PDF and EPUB download, this workbook helps you align with your gifts and strengths, gain greater clarity about who you are, what your vision is and what you want to create.

You can use this workbook on your own, with a friend, with a group, or as part of 1-1 coaching. I also offer a 4-session group coaching workshop based around the exercises in this workbook.

How to Use this Workbook

Journaling Your Values, Vision & Voice is full of blank space for you to fill, space to write and explore what matters most to you.

I encourage you to jump in anywhere that calls to you.

I use questions throughout the book in a way that is firmly rooted in the belief that you are the one who holds the wisdom. My role is to provide the container and the strategies to help bring forward that power and wisdom.

This will be a multi-channel experience: You’ll use writing, drawing, movement, sound – all forms of connecting with your inner genius.

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Contents & Format

Journaling Your Values, Vision & Voice is a 78 page workbook with 30 personal reflection and action exercises organized in five sections:

  • BEGIN – How to create the time and space you need.
  • JOURNAL – Tools to write and explore what matters most to you.
  • KNOW YOUR VALUES – Identify your needs and your core values.
  • CRAFT YOUR VISION – What do you want to create?
  • CULTIVATE YOUR VOICE – Gain insight into what you want to say and say it with greater clarity and power.

    With original artwork and inspirational quotes by the author and clear steps for realizing your vision – this workbook is your guide to transform barriers into ladders you climb and doorways that you enter.

    Available as a PDF and EPUB download, you will receive a link to download both files after purchase.

    Transform barriers to your dreams into ladders that you climb and doorways that you enter.

    about the author

    Sande Smith

    I write, draw, and coach on behalf of causes that heal mind, body & soul.

    I fell in love with coaching and became a certified coach because coaching gives me a way to support people to maximize their gifts and strengths and contribute to bettering our world.

    In addition to being a leadership coach, I have worked for thirty years in the field of communications with non-profits, foundations and leaders engaged in promoting social justice.

    I want people to cultivate the power of their unique gifts so that they feel whole, radiant and capable – and then I want them to use that for the well-being of the world.

    You already contain the seeds of the strengths and capabilities you need to fulfill your vision.

    Having a vision allows you to hold in your mind’s eye what the fulfillment of that new reality would be.

    Journaling Your Values, Vision & Voice

    30 Exercises To Reconnect With Your Inner Power, Radiance and Joy.


    Order Your Copy Here - $25
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