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Coaching Services


Time to get unstuck.

Let’s work together to transform barriers to your dreams and vision into ladders that you climb and doorways that you enter. As your coach, I partner with you to reconnect with your inner power, radiance and joy. I use processes and questions in a way that is firmly rooted in the belief that you, the client, are the one who holds the wisdom. My role is to provide the container and the strategies to help bring forward that power and wisdom.

You can count on me to be loving and caring, to listen deeply, and to challenge you. This is a multi-channel experience: You’ll use writing, drawing, movement, sound – all forms of connecting with your inner genius – depending on the channel you function best in. Your emotions are welcome, your parts are welcome. You’ll need them all to realize your most powerful Vision!

Sande Smith of ReLuminate Coaching

Results you can expect:


You will have greater clarity of vision as relates to your values and what you want to do next.
You will have a more influential presence that shows up in how you speak, listen and connect with the people in your life.
You’ll take smarter more powerful actions that are aligned with what you really want.
You will have greater vibrancy, energy, resilience and joy.
You will have better decision making for yourself, your work and those you care about.
You will have more confidence and willingness to connect to your full self as you listen, learn, act and be.
And, there will be surprises along the way!
I would love to work with you as you explore strategies for getting unstuck, managing self-doubt and owning your knowledge and belonging in the spaces you inhabit.



Sande listens with her whole being. She hears both the words and the energy behind them – even circling back to explore tossed out lines said at the beginning of the session. Her questions encourage me to go deep and often take a turn that is unexpected and allow me to see other ways of thinking.


– Pamela Rich, Organization Development Consultant, UC Berkeley

Invest in yourself.

I know it’s not easy to take the time and financial resources to focus on yourself. But you, and your life are worth it. I want to help you see, acknowledge and transcend the particular circumstances and beliefs that may be limiting you. I want to help you create, organize and activate your life with awareness of your connection to other people and the circumstances that shape the lives that we’re able to live.

In me, you are getting an experienced professional who will listen to you with new eyes and a fresh perspective. I ask questions formed through curiosity and care, and help you turn challenges into treasures with honesty and compassion. 

Sande Smith ReLuminate Coaching

Coaching sessions include:

  • Discovery session
  • Goal setting
  • Future visioning
  • Needs/values clarification
  • Mapping of internal influences and parts
  • Between sessions – goal tracking emails for accountability

I recommend you commit to 8 – 12 sessions over a period of 3 – 6 months. This amount of time allows you to experience inner and outer alignment and see a significant shift.



Sande met me where I was at when I felt stuck and needed support with transitioning roles at work. She helped me pause, cultivated space for me to dream and centered my wisdom in finding solutions for moving forward in my journey. Sande is simply amazing!


– Nolizwe M. Nondabula, Director of Finance & Operations, Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP)

Sande Smith Art ReLuminate Consulting