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I’m a certified coach on a mission to help you respark your inner fire, reconnect to your authentic self, and live your dreams. I’ll help you shake off self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and burn-out so that you can have greater impact with greater ease.

I bring my decades of expertise as a communications leader in foundations and nonprofit organizations, my passion for creative expression, and my lived experience as a Black working class woman – the first in her family to go to college. 

Who I work with

While I work with a variety of people, I am especially committed to supporting:

  • Black women and non-binary folks
  • Women of color
  • Non-profit and philanthropic leaders

Are you . . .

Going from a leadership role in a non-profit to a programmatic role in philanthropy, worried that your lack of knowledge about philanthropy will mean that you can’t deliver on the work?

In middle management struggling to make sense of some difficult feedback from your boss? Maybe you’re also feeling undervalued and starting to feel burnt out. You want to do a good job, but you also want to be true to yourself.

In your late 50’s, watching your children near college age? Yes, you’ve had a good career, but what about those dreams you had to do art, to write a book, to share what you’ve learned? Is it too late for you fulfill those dreams?

A woman leader who’s had one too many times of being in important meetings, opening your mouth to speak, but not finding the words you really wanted to say?

Almost 40, ready for a new chapter because your spirit is telling you that it’s time for a change, but you’re not sure how what steps to take to fulfill your spirit’s call?


Results from Coaching with me

photo of Nikole Collins Puri CEO of Techbridge Girls

I have worked with many coaches. Sande is among the very best! Warm, steady, exceptionally insightful. She helped me crystalize my goals and navigate a challenging job transition.

– Lisa Tracy, Philanthropy Advisor

photo of Nikole Collins Puri CEO of Techbridge Girls

Sande recognizes that personal development is not just intellectual, but requires physical and emotional awareness as well. I am grateful for our time together and felt it was extremely beneficial during a critical time of my leadership growth.

– Nikole Collins-Puri, CEO, TechBridge Girls

photo of Nikole Collins Puri CEO of Techbridge Girls

Sande met me where I was at when I felt stuck and needed support with transitioning roles at work. She helped me pause, cultivated space for me to dream and centered my wisdom in finding solutions for moving forward in my journey.

– Nolizwe M. Nondabula, Director of Finance & Operations, Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP)

photo of Nikole Collins Puri CEO of Techbridge Girls

Sande helped me rebrand my consulting business. She is an incredible coach. She is  creative, personable and effective. Each coaching session gave me space to reflect on my core values and then connect those values to business marketing and messaging.

In one session, I mentioned a thought about running for elected office one day. Sande encouraged me to seriously consider that idea, and she worked with me to calibrate my thinking to embrace that possibility.

Ten months later, I won a seat on my local school board.

– Veronica Anderson, Business Owner, School Board Trustee

photo of Nikole Collins Puri CEO of Techbridge Girls

I came to Sande because I needed to change my relationship to my job: I felt unfulfilled, disempowered, and resentful. On a practical level, Sande jump-started my personal financial education journey and helped grow my confidence to ask for a raise, which I received.

On a deeper level, she supported my inner journey by helping me recognize my strengths, clarify what energizes me, and embrace my creative vision and identity. When I later decided to leave my job and pursue another path, I knew that working with Sande had helped build my strength to walk that path.

– Rachel Cox


Align your life with your values, get clear about your vision and feel confident in your voice.

Time For You

I developed this workbook, Journaling Your Values, Vision & Voice to support both clients and people who are not my clients to connect to their own internal guidance system.

Available as a PDF and EPUB download, this workbook helps you align with your gifts and strengths, gain greater clarity about who you are, what your vision is and what you want to create.

You can use this workbook on your own, with a friend, with a group, or as part of 1-1 coaching. I also offer a 4-session group coaching workshop based around the exercises in this workbook.

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