Transform self-doubt into curiosity, stuckness into action, and challenges into opportunities.

ReLuminate Coaching with Sande Smith
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I’m a leadership coach excited to help you reconnect with your inner fire and vision. Our sessions are about powering up for good, for love, for racial, gender and social justice. 

Are you ready to do the internal and the external work to shift and make a difference for yourself and for your community? Supercharged and aligned with your values and unique gifts, you’ll move more confidently and easily in work and life. 


Sande Smith, wow. She integrated her lived experience, professional knowledge and training into a brilliant set of conscious coaching sessions.

– Deb Levine, MA, Non-profit Executive Director

Create & Lead

When you’re tuned into and tapping your gifts and strengths, it becomes easier and more fun to identify, create and lead the projects and causes you care about. Realizing and cultivating our gifts means being curious and taking time to understand our gifts – what’s unique about me, what’s special about me, what have I been given that is mine to cultivate for myself and share with others. I believe that when we cultivate our gifts we end up with more than enough for ourselves and to share.



Sande takes time to listen to what is said and observe body language. She pauses, asks questions to gain clarity or affirmation, and then uses a diverse set of techniques and tools to guide you forward.

– Nikole Collins-Puri, CEO, TechBridge Girls

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